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Thousands of lives around the world are touched by poverty, war and natural disasters every year. As a result of the chaos, people lose their homes, their sense of safety and security, leaving them vulnerable and depriving them of dignity.

Salam Charity has been working hard to identify the key issues that are preventing people from living a normal life, and one of the major challenges they face is the lack of adequate shelter.

Rohingya Shelter

Rohingya Shelter Project – Bangladesh

The number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is reported to be almost one million. Only 10% of refugees are able to receive aid in the UN registered camps. It costs $1000 to build a temporary shelter for a facility providing them warmth and safety.

Pakistan Shelter

Home Sweet Home Shelter Project – Kashmir, Pakistan

We aim to build permanent homes for families of 4-6 in Kashmir, Pakistan. Each home will contain running water, electricity, heating and proper sanitation. We have created lasting relations with our trusted partners on the ground to help build shelters and give these families hope and a place to call home.

It costs $5,000 to give a family a permanent home.

Indonesia Shelter

Shelter Project – Indonesia

Indonesia has been devastated by natural disasters in 2018, with numerous earthquakes causing huge tsunamis and destroying almost 2 million lives. Thousands of homes have been turned into rubble and peoples lives thrown into turmoil.

Working alongside our partners; Lazismu in some of the worst hit areas, including the islands of Palu, Lombok and Serang District, we have large-scale plans to help some thousands of people by building shelters, providing clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

It costs just $500 to build a temporary shelter for a facility providing them warmth and safety. Together we can give hope to thousands of people without shelter today.

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Pakistan Permanent Home
Rohingya Shelter

Indonesia Shelter


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