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Water For Life

The current situation…

Over 800 million people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Forced to drink filthy surface water from stagnant pools, thousands of people die every year from typhoid, cholera and other preventable diseases.

Wishing Wells

Every day, poverty continues to rob people of their dignity. For millions of people, their only wish is to be able to lead themselves out of poverty and provide a future for their loved ones.

Millions of children are forced to spend hours every day collecting water from filthy rivers depriving them of the education that they so vitally need.

Salam Charity is on the ground building lifesaving water wells in some of the poorest areas in the world, providing sustainable drinking sources for generations to come.

Rough Runner, Bangladesh

Change begins with you…

Thousands of people will continue to die each year unless we all act now. With your help we can provide water to some of the poorest areas in the world and help them escape poverty once and for all. With your help we can make sure that children are not deprived of an education because of a lack of water.

People are still desperately trying to piece their lives back together after the tsunami that devastated Indonesia in 2018, that’s why, working alongside our partners, we have ambitious plans to build 20 deep wells in some of the worst hit areas in Palu.

In remote areas of Kashmir and Bangladesh, people are still forced to drink from stagnant pools or travel for miles to the nearest water well. By sparing your change for our Wishing Wells project you can provide lifesaving water to thousands of people.

How you can help

Here are the estimated costs to provde beneficiaries in these regions access to clean water. Your donation of water, is a donation for life.

Standard well
Deep well
Palestine (water tank)


Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States