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The invisible killer

Covid -19 has spread across the world in a matter of weeks and has affected millions of people as thousands continue to die every day. As more and more countries impose stringent lockdown conditions, it is ultimately the people in developing worlds that will suffer the most.

In developing countries, there is extremely limited government help. If people cannot work, they cannot eat. It is as simple as that. It is estimated that in Bangladesh alone, more than 10 million more people will be thrust into poverty through no fault of their own as a result of this crisis. People who normally kept their head above water and managed to feed their families are now in dire straits with no end in sight to their suffering. If this lockdown is not lifted soon, there will be millions more living in abject poverty.

We have teamed up with our trusted partners on the ground who are working tirelessly to provide food packs and hygiene kits to keep people safe and healthy. Through social distanced distributions, we are helping people overcome this crisis by educating and informing people of the need to distance ourselves from one another, helping by providing a moth’s worth of food for an average family of 6, and distributing anti-bacterial soap and washing powder.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone but we must remember those less fortunate than us. We will continue our fight against poverty and any threats that affect the livelihoods of people already living in hardship.

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Rameeza Q.
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