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Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

The Syria conflict is entering its seventh year with no end in sight.

Since the Syria conflict began in 2011, over 5.4 million people have fled the country and 6.1 million are internally displaced, making Syria the world’s largest displacement crisis.

Over 13.5 million people need humanitarian assistance inside Syria, including 8 million children. Many of these children continue to witness unrelenting violence and brutality, and 1.75 million are part of a lost generation, who have little access to education now, and a bleak prospect of opportunity in the future.

Many families have been forced to leave their homes several times, millions are trapped in hard-to-reach and besieged places, and millions more have spent several bitter winters enduring the cold in makeshift shelters.

There are now 655,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan and over 1 million in Lebanon, while Turkey hosts the largest number of registered refugees – currently 3.3 million. Life is a daily struggle for most who have little or no financial resources. Many Syrian refugees have limited means to cover even basic needs and they desperately need our help.

What we are doing to help

Salam Charity has partnered with Afad to support children with education projects and Pssycho-social well-being programs. Through our work with partners, over 80,742 children have been reintroduced to schools in AFAD sheltering centres. With your support, we continue to deliver this support to thousands of children in desperate need.

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