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Shifa Clinic

Sylhet – At a glance

The rural areas of Zakigonj has an estimated population of 150,000 and is one of the poorest regions of the Sylhet Division. With no access to primary healthcare, people must travel miles to the nearest Upazila Clinic for basic medical needs.

Due to the remoteness of the villages in Sylhet, maternal healthcare is completely inaccessible meaning that 75% of all births in rural Bangladesh do not have a skilled attendant during delivery.

A clinic for the people…

Shifa Clinic has been built to provide free healthcare to impoverished families in Jakigonj. It is expected that we will help around 250 individuals per week with free medical aid, vaccinations and immunization, family planning and counselling.

This clinic will help over 13,000 people every year.

A lifeline for communities…

Professionally trained doctors and nurses will be available to offer free expert treatment and advice to anyone in the district, providing a lifeline for thousands of people living in abject poverty.

What we do:

  • Maternal and neonatal healthcare
  • Integrated management of childhood illness
  • Reproductive health and family planning services
  • Immunization program
  • Vitamins and supplements for children
  • Children and adult counselling
  • Early diagnosis of severe illnesses
  • Minor injuries A&E / Treatment for minor ailments

Every year we will treat over 13,000 people and provide them with free medicine and primary healthcare. The opening of the clinic means that these people will not have to walk for miles to get to the nearest clinic, that they now have the support and care within their own community, and can move forward with their lives in peace and confidence.

Monthly costs…

We have broken the clinic costs down so you can clearly see how much it costs to run this vital service per month:

2 doctors per week
2 nurses per week
Clinic manager




What your money can buy

  • $50 can pay for a trained nurse for a day
  • $100 can pay for a doctor for a day
  • $160 can pay for medicine for an entire week
  • $380 can pay for 2 nurses for a month
  • $750 can pay for 2 doctors for a month

Please give what you can and together we can make a real difference in the loves of those living in extreme poverty today.

Rameeza Q.
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