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Medina Square Appeal


Medina Square Appeal

The square

Salam Charity has begun its most ambitious project to date in Bangladesh: Medina Square. It will comprise a mosque, shelter, academy, play area and community centre. It’s designed to lift an entire community out of poverty through sustainable development.

The fight continues

Poverty is real. Poverty robs people of their dignity, their self-worth and their basic rights as a human and yet we continue to allow extreme poverty to ravage the world.

In Bangladesh alone, almost 13m people still live below the poverty line, not knowing when their next meal will come. Children digging through waste dumps in the hope of a morsel of food.

We need to act now!

Bangladesh has made significant progress in its fight to eradicate poverty and has successfully reduced the number of people living below the poverty line from 82% in 1972 to 13% in 2016.

Laying the foundations

Thanks to your support and generosity, Salam Charity have been able to secure almost 1 acre of land in one of the poorest areas of Sylhet, and now our ambitious project to lift an entire community out of poverty has truly got under way.

The journey has only begun

Salam Medina Square is a community led initiative to provide housing, free education and healthcare in one of the poorest areas of Sylhet. At the centre of the village will be a brand-new mosque and an Academy.

To ensure that the community at Medina Square can lead themselves out of poverty, we will provide affordable housing to hundreds of people living on the poverty line.

There is a long road ahead of us to make our vision into reality, but with your help we can make a serious impact on poverty and uplift whole communities.

Acquisition of land
Phase 1
Land preparation and boundary works
Phase 2.1
Mosque foundations
Phase 2.2
Mosque construction works
Phase 3

We are at phase 2.2 and about to lay the foundations for the mosque. The modern building will have deep foundations and raised above sea level to keep it safe against flash flooding, cyclones and earthquakes.

Give what you can and be a part of this life changing project.

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